Только сизый дым тянулся через офис опустевший, и играл финальный ветер подвесными потолками.

 An Antique Kubachi Gold Damascene on Silver Signed Kinjal Dagger, Dagestan, Caucasus, ca. Mid 19th Century/
 A fine example of Kubachi work, the hilt and scabbard wrought entirely of silver, deeply chased and elaborately engraved, nielloed and gilded overall in characteristic Kubachi style. Heavy heirloom straight blade with double fuller to one side and single offset fuller to the other, retaining much original sharpness. Signed on the blade.
 Old Kubachi Village, situated between Georgia and the Caspian Sea, has protected its silversmith secrets since 3,000 BC. In Turkish, the name Kubachi means "the place of chain-mail masters." And Kubachi's goldsmith/silversmith masters have been welding ornate swords, intricate bracelets and graceful jugs for over 1,000 years.

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